Message From the Founder

IMG_8412581819478In these changing times, where the creation of visual images throughout the world can be shared through powerful mediums that cut across all boundaries, I believe that we as filmmakers have an important responsibility because what we do can affect the entire world. We can eliminate the barriers of race, age, gender and religion through visual stories that take viewers on an adventure or impart information. From India to Chile to China and even Hollywood, film touches one and all.

I congratulate all who create art and images. I especially congratulate the Family Film Award and Olympia Award nominees in the past, and all those who will be nominated in the future. Your influence on the world is amazing and has the incredible power for change.

I thank all those who have worked on the Family Film Awards in the past. The World Film Institute thanks DirectTV, Microsoft, PrimeStar and others for their sponsorship. I thank Dick Clark Productions for their vision that gave us a beginning in 1996. And I thank and all those who currently have faced and met the challenge of taking the World Film Institute into the future.

With all our love and hope, we face the opportunity to create and bring change in the world. The World Film Institute and myself are committed to this change and all the possibilities it brings.

Antonio Gellini

President/Founder of the World Film Institute