Board of Directors

The World Film Institute is rebuilding its board of directors to relaunch the foundation and its activities. The following members are currently on the World Film Institute board of directors:

IMG_8412581819478Antonio Gellini:
 Founder and Chirman
Mr. Gellini is WFI’s president and founder. He has written over forty plays and has appeared in numerous films and television shows worldwide. He has been recognized in such diverse parts of the world as Afghanistan, where he won the Best Director Prize in 1984 for his film The Boarder, and again in Tashkent ( former Soviet Union ) in 1985 for his short film the Dictators. The son of a diplomat, Mr. Gellini has lived in 23 countries, before landing in Los Angeles where he has established several acting schools. It was in Los Angeles where he pursued his dream to truly globalize the art of filmmaking by making the World Film Institute a reality and a recognized resource for filmmakers, film students and motion picture fans around the globe.

Allan Jay Friedman
Allan Jay Friedman

Allan Jay Friedman:

Award-winning producer, composer and president of Picture Books Productions, Mr. Friedman is veteran in the entertainment industry. He also serves as President of The Center for Top Performance. He has composed over 5000 musical pieces and has produced 15 musicals. Some of his work includes the musical stage adaptation of “The Hobbit” and A.A. Milne’s “Winnie The Pooh” as well as the Producer-Creator and Composer of the Emmy Award winning Television Documentary based on the life of JFK, “The Young Man From Boston.

The World Film Institute has always attracted the support of the most wonderful people in the film industry. We want to thank our former board members from the past. The biographies listed here are from the time of their participation.

Ronald Gardner:  A longstanding veteran of the film industry, Mr. Gardner began his career in radio shortly after serving in the Army. Recognized for is innovative pn-air work at KVIQ television, he then moved to sales where rose first to Director of Sales Development and the Director of International Sales at American Telecommunications Corporation. Most Recently, Mr. Gardner has been involved in the organization and the promotion of several prestigious fundraising event, such as the “American” Star-Awards” which benefits the Marshall’s foundations.

Arthur M. Kassel:  Mr. Kassel is WFI’s Executive Vice President, as well as the Chairman of the “Family Film Awards” dinner. An entertainment industry veteran, he now serves as Chairman and CEO of Beverly Hills Video Group and CEO of Beverly Hills Publishing Company. Prior to that he was Director of telecommunications for The Hollywood Reporter where he helped move the company into the multimedia business by creating Cannes Film Festival Cable Channel, as well as the innovative on-line delivery service for industry news. He has a rich history of civic involvement, having been appointed to many prominent positions, including Chairman of Public Safety Committee for Beverly Hills and the President of the Cannes/Beverly Hills Sister City Committee.

noblesE. L. (Curly) Nobles:  Recognized for his tireless efforts on behalf of many philanthropic organizations, E. L. (Curly) Nobles is certainly the epitome of the “self-made man”, who now devotes his time and efforts and financial resources to “giving back” to the world he so deeply enjoys. Literally having been on his own from the age of thirteen when he left Arkansas for California, he has managed to be successful in many diverse areas from becoming the skipper of a tuna boat at age 23, to founding the E.L. Nobles Equipment Construction Company, one of the largest providers of earth moving equipment services in California.

Larry Namer:  Mr. Namer is a noted entertainment industry entrepreneur  who founded many successful companies including, E! Entertainment Television (formerly Movietime), Movies USA Magazine, Comspan Communications (CCI), Comspan Russia, Hard Rock Café Russia, and Steeplechase Media. A leading strategic planning consulting firm for new media ventures, CCI has developed the business plans for many new niche television networks slated for 1997 launch, including the Recovery Network,  Applause, Hobby Craft Network, Rhythm and Parent Television. CCI is presently consulting to the Microsoft Corporation on interactive events to the former Soviet Union and organizes the annual White Knights International Cultural Festival (St. Petersburg), the Champion Tennis Tour Russia, as well as dozens of Rock Concerts each year.

James F. Moscowitz:  Mr. Moscowitz has held executive positions as such prestigious public accounting firms as Oppenheim, Appel, Dixon and Company, Ernst and Young, and Rogoff and Company. He has served as Chief Financial Officer on several corporations, including D.T. Smith, Beverly Hills Video Group, and Titan Industries. He graduated from Brooklyn Law school in 1978 with a Juris Doctor degree and from New York University Law School in 1982 with a Master of Laws Degree. Presently, he is an adjunct professor at New York University.